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I got my TRS-80 Model I in 1979 and used it through 1984 (high school and early college). During that time I wrote several BASIC and machine language programs.


Play My TRS-80 Adventure Games

I wrote a Windows TRS-80 hardware emulator and wrapped it around some of my original text adventure games. Play Germany 1942, Quest for Fire, and other original games. Download Now!

Play Classic TRS-80 BASIC Games

Hamurabi, Lunar Lander, Life, Wumpus! Play all of the classics with my Win32 TRS-80 BASIC interpreter and game collection.

My TRS-80 Software

These are native TRS-80 files. You will need to use a TRS-80 or an emulator to execute them. The doc and source files open best in Word on a PC.

  • Quest For Fire - A text adventure written in Z80 machine code, and published in "CLOAD" magazine.
  • Germany 1942 and other text based adventures. "Published" by AW Software.
  • MicroAdv - A language for creating adventures, complete with source for several adventures.
  • Compac - A "smart terminal emulator" with XMODEM and DFT.

TRS-80 on the PC

I transferred most of my software to the PC, so I can run it with one of the various TRS-80 emulators. Here are my notes on how to do this in case you want help transferring your TRS-80 software to the PC, as well as instructions for using a modern PC Floppy drive on a TRS-80 Model I.

TRS-80 Links


All of the AW Software artwork (Cyberman logo, Germany 1942, Compac) was drawn for me by my friend John Bruner in the early 80s.



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