Classic Basic Games

Classic BASIC Games

Welcome to my collection of classic BASIC games! Each game included in this collection is an original, un-cut classic game from the '70s and early '80s. Although these versions are TRS-80 versions, they are very
similar, if not identical, to versions for other computers
of the day (Apple II, PDP-11, etc.)

These games run as native windows apps via a Microsoft Level 2 BASIC compatible interpreter that I wrote. The interpreter will run original
tokenized or ASCII programs.

Included in the package are games I wrote between 1978 and 1983 (high school). But the more interesting stuff is in the other folders. These are classic games, written by others. Games like Hamurabi, Elisa, Super Star Trek, Life, Wumpus, Bio Rythm, Towers of Hanoi, Lunar Lander, etc. Many of these were published in David Ahl's Creative Computing Magazine.


Source code for this BASIC interpreter is now available under the GPL.

Snoopy Wall Paper

Using my Win32 BASIC interpreter I ran this classic Snoppy ASCII art PDP/11 program. I captured the print output in a file, which I then viewed and used a screen capture program on. Voila, ASCII Art Backgrounds:

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